• This week’s specials

  • The Odd Sausage has a veritable plethora of different flavours, colours, ingredients and walking sticks.

    Quite the collection, in fact.

  • Public Engagements

    In the next few months, we will be launching our new podcast: Fudge Knuckles. With a plethora of special guests the show will focus on everything and something. We cannot say much more (or less), you understand.

  • A few fun snaps

    The Odd Sausage also has a library full of delightful and talented individuals who are fun to look at if you are waiting for a bus or it your opponent’s turn in Twister.

    Or maybe it is just to remind us that we are not alone or completely irrelevant in this cruel world.

  • No matter what kind of Sausage you prefer, you can find contact details here:

  • lpb@theoddsausage.com
    17a Midland Avenue, Montclair, NJ 07042
    Office: +1 212-655-5428
    Cell: +1 347-596-4781